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'Register' To Vote or Set Your 'Intentions' To Move Home To Big Bear Lake At Least 15 Days Before The November 2022 Election. We need you to come home now more than ever.



Putting Our Collective
VOTING Power To Action

For the last 20 years, statistics have shown 75% of Big Bear Lake homes are considered 2nd homes. In 2022, it's still 75% of homes. So what are the differences between now and then? One difference is homes are no longer sitting empty when owners are not visiting. Today, because of websites like Airbnb, home owners are able to rent out their homes to people who love Big Bear Lake on a short-term basis. 


What hasn't changed? The majority of home owners are still employing residents, hiring contractors, buying local retail, leaving tips on tables, providing 11% sales tax to our city when a rental occurs and/or participating in our local community elections.

But Big Bear Lake has a new threat to its immediate future. A group identifying itself as Big Bear United, a group of both local and non-local unhappy voters, are attempting to change the laws of Big Bear Lake and steer us into financial ruin.

What is the goal of Big Bear United? The number one goal of their 760 supporters is to end tourism as we know it. They also want to
destabilize home prices and force home owners into foreclosure. They then hope to buy your home at foreclosure prices.

Second, these unhappy voters intend to force home owners into situations where they will have to rent out their entire homes for $1200 or below, rent to unqualified renters, and/or ultimately sell homes at huge financial and personal loss.

But you can stop this group of unhappy voters from changing our laws by casting your 
vote in opposition to this initiative. Big Bear Lake needs your vote NOW more than EVER. Big Bear City just PASSED this law and home values are plummeting. This same type of initiative has decimated hundreds of communities across our country. And we will need you to register to vote in your district in Big Bear Lake to save our residents and our homes immediately.

Help SAVE 1000s of working RESIDENTS of Big Bear Lake and protect our 

established in 1980 with your vote. Save jobs, home values, our tax base, by simply coming home and voting in our next special election. Join this website to stay up-to-date with developments on this upcoming election.

Register or move your voter 
registration as soon as possible. Our intentions must be to save Big Bear as we know it. To do this, we must 'move' into our Big Bear homes or 'intend' to do so and vote to Save The Residents and Big Bear as we know it. Call Theodore w/ questions at 877-452-5638.



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Make sure you follow all local and statewide laws including Penal Code 118 and Election Code 18100 and 18560