Where the carefully selected conveniences of home compliment the luxe life. Averaging 1,495 square feet, each of the one- or two-bedroom Sky lofts is artfully fashioned for the needs and desires of the urban dweller:

Step into your space with its ten-foot high picture windows and finished ceilings with no exposed pipes.  Access your gadgets from your in-house networking, walk around on classic hardwood floors, hit it up, cool it down, or simply take in the views.

Bring on the eats - gourmet style - in the modern, distinctive kitchen and eating bar of your dreams. With sleek cabinets shipped directly from Italy, stone countertops, stainless steel sink and built-in appliances, and more.  What better way to inspire happy hours, impromptu meals, romantic interludes and simply hanging out?

bask in the luxury of the loft life in your elegant and thoughtfully designed bathroom.  With ceramic-titled shower or elegant bathtub, stone vanity countertops, seamless mirror, sleek Italian cabinetry and walk-in closet.  Yes, everything you need to get ready for your next appearance - at home or about town.


Sky Lobby
Greet neighbors, meet guests, pick up mail and gather your thoughts as you go to and fro.

Sky Lounge
Book for a get together, party or reception.  With adjoining kitchen for easy food preparation and service.

Sky Theater
Sink into luxurious spectator seats for an Oscar party, Super Bowl bash or movie marathon.

Sky Fitness Center
Want to work out, but the gym's too far away? Stretch, life and increase your cardio anytime of the day or night.

With a world-class line-up of theater, dance, opera, music, media performances as well as the latest sporting event, concert or live extravaganza, downtown is no doubt the city's heart of art and culture. And not only now.  Downtown has some exciting plans for our future.

The excitement of downtown is all around you.  Everything from a visit to one of the museums, churches or historical buildings to discovering your favorite neighborhood eateries, bars, food stalls, farmer's markers and festivals.  From picking up a garden fresh bouquet in the early morning hours when the Flower District is in full bloom and getting lost in at Ralphs supermarket to returning home to Sky with its dwellers lounge and kitchen area, fitness center and big screen theater.  Book the lounge for a party or reception, the theater with luxurious seats you sink into for an Oscar bash, Super Bowl party or movie marathon.  You get the picture: local pleasures, international flavor, street, social, home and nightlife abound.  It's simply a matter of what you crave -- and how you go about satisfying the senses.

Work where you live.  live near your work.  Livework. You've defined it, and we've responded by creating an inviting reality called, SKY.  With 132 upscale for-sale lofts with spectacular viewscapes, Sky commands a stunning presence high atop the sleek granite and glass 801 S Grand mixed-use building.  It's defining a way of life that's been waiting and wanting to happen for some time, especially in a city such as ours where the vastness of the place spreads over valleys and across freeway systems, and sitting in traffic has become a dreaded way of life.  yet Sky offers a different, more embracing and economical way to live including convenient access to DASH -- the public transportation system that operates a route right on Grand Avenue, and for a quarter, will get you just about anywhere downtown in three minutes or less.  This, while expending less time commuting and other routine annoyances, sits at the very core of the new millennium mindset.