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Glen Lewis House Avenue 5 [Updated]




And rightly so. With a myriad of self produced hits, Glen is one of the few house djs who consistently surpasses expectations. From his ground breaking UK tours of the 90s to his recent album 'Love and Dance' the man has seen and done it all. I had the privilege of chatting to Glen about his career, his views on the music industry, and what comes after the album release. We also touched on what makes his music so special and how he came to write the songs 'Love and Dance'. You’re arguably the biggest name in South African house music and what do you feel are the reasons behind this. Glen: I guess I just did what I liked to do. I have always been a DJ. I was born into a family of DJs so that was just a given. I have had my share of good gigs, bad gigs, have played in the biggest venues and some of the smallest ones, and everything in between. I guess all this has lead to the position that I am in today. Who is your biggest inspiration in house music? Glen: My biggest influences in house music are people who have never even had a dance record in their life. Disco, Funk, Afro-Cuban music, you name it. The list goes on. In your career so far, what have been the highlights? Glen: In the ’90s, definitely my UK tour at The End and UB40 playing at the end of that tour. I have had some incredible gigs since. Back in 2002, I travelled to the US for the first time and won 2nd place in the competition at Magik Mitzi's in NY. But the biggest highlight has got to be the release of my first album ‘Glen Lewis’. That was really the pinnacle of my career so far. Your music is very individual with unique features, how do you try to be different from other house producers? Glen: I always try to make music that other people don't make. I listen to music from around the world. I listen to everything from the house genre to soul, jazz, reggae, soul music, anything. I like what I hear and then I like to take something that I like and put my own spin on it. When it comes to my own productions, I like to put them out there and see what people think about it. When I



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Glen Lewis House Avenue 5 [Updated]

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