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Here's Our Gang!

Dog Park Rules. Some of these dog park rules might surprise you. For example, the sign says you must keep your dogs on a leash at all times while in the dog park. Also, no doggie treats allowed. Click above to read all the rules posted.

Map. Here We Are.

Small Dog Area. On the northside of the South Park Dog Park at LA Live, you will find an area for small dogs. This area, like the large dog area, is also large and nice. You will find pathways, greenery, and multch for grass. Click above to see photos and video.

Large Dog Area. This is the most beautiful dog park in the Downtown Los Angeles area. No benches for humans yet, but the entire park runs 1/2 block long. Doggie bags for waste are provided. A drinking fountain for your pet is also ON LOCATION!

Our Official Tee-shirt with our own dogs as models.

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