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Behind The Scenes of "Hidden Hills." 

Dan Steadman
Writer, Director, Editor

Theodore Trentman
Executive Producer

Drew Panico

Executive Producer

Cynthia Webster (click)

Geoffrey Burch (

Brett A. Frager (

Lauren Bencomo (click)

Makeup Department

Louise Liebi (

Production Management

Alex Mikes (

Sound Department

Dahlan Netsch (click)

Camera Department

Renee Hall


Jeffrey Semels


Josh Willis (click)
Production Assistant


Dan Steadman grew up in Michigan, writing and producing his first public access TV show when he was a teenager in 1987. After bouncing around in tropical climates (Brazil, Florida), he finally made it to Los Angeles. He signed with Endeavor in 2004 after shooting his first TV pilot which starred future Emmy and Oscar winners Tony Hale and Octavia Spencer. In 2007 he co-wrote and produced an independent pilot starring Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Coolidge, and Tim Bagley. Switching to features, Steadman co-wrote the screenplay for JESUS PEOPLE, which traveled the festival circuit and will be released by Freestyle Media in 2014. His directorial debut RED LODGE was shot in Montana and is currently on TV in four midwestern European countries. Teaming again with cinematographer Brett A. Frager, Steadman also partnered with producer/actor Ted Trent 2013 to shoot the feature HIDDEN HILLS - a 1960s era parody of Rock Hudson and Doris Day films - with a very modern twist. HIDDEN HILLS is debuting at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. His next film, BELLEVILLE, was shot in Illinois and is currently in post production. When not writing and directing films, Dan Steadman is a contributing writer for The Advocate and The Huffington Post. 

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