Pricing quoted on a case per case basis. Options include but are not limited to... 
-- Photography Only
-- Short Silent Film Only

-- Photos and Video Package

-- Wardrobe (based on number of people)
-- Staying at our ranch? Call for discounts. 
-- Wanna stay at our ranch? Learn more at

-- Seasonal

-- Extras available including horses, sheep, special request locations, special editing effects, lighting, hire local actors/actresses, etc.

Let's dream it up and I'll get you a quote.  Shoots starting at $99.
 Guests of Teddy Bear's Ranch and Ghost Town can save up to 50% on your package.

For details, call 877-452-5638.

877.452.5638 to schedule your appointment.

This service is available at Teddy Bear's Ranch and Ghost Town in Big Bear City, California. By appointment only.

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